.1.Vaginal discharge is normal.

2. It is not necessary to wear an underwear 24/7.

3. Vaginas are acidic enough like chlorine, this can cause discoloration of the underwear.

4. Sperm can modify the ph and the smell of your vagina.

5. It is not normal or safe for you that vaginas smell like flowers , so stop waiting for it happen rather she deodorants or douching as well as vagina products to keep it clean.

7. Taking a bath before you sleep can keep you fresh through out the night.

8. Douches or perfumes may also be harmful to your vagina so please be cautious.

9. The vagina cleans itself.

10. Having sex has no correlation of how “tight ” your vagina is.

11. Fungal infections are common!

12. If your vagina stinks or your discharge stinks and has maybe a different colour like yellowish or brown. Quickly visit your doctor or your nearest clinic.

13. It is important to bath regularly like there times a day if you are a heavy menstruating type.

14. The vagina is a internal cavity, Not the entire genital area , what you see on the outside is your vulva. Please never use soaps inside your vagina.

15. Always urinate after having sexual intercourse so that you rinse the urinary tract of fluids that could get trapped inside your vagina.

16. Drink water!

17. Wear cotton panties, the use of silk, satin and lace on a regular basis can irritate your vulva and modify your ph level.

18. Stop putting talcum powder on your vulva because it causes cancer.

19. The vaginal environment is usually very aggressive, so treat it with care and gentleness.

20. Everything here comes from reliable sources. Do not listen to people who speak porn talk about vaginas.

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[Hello in hindi]

Namaste is a pandora’s box.
The curiosity of respect it holds, its dignity was snatched by skin trade eagles
Fortunately, whom it served & loved in the name of humanity is bound by hope and prayer
Despite what the night hand has touched.
Two palms created the art of respect and living.
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Motive of Life & Happiness Is Practical🦋

I begin with my favourite handwritten piece. This is the fight among us as we face between being a happy soul & absorbing the feeling of fulfillment & love in this life.

We all love happy beginnings, happy moments & happy endings. We also love & find pleasure in doing things that makes us happy. From going on solo lunch dates to buying a new house or a new car, we keep on chasing that next chapter of happiness.


If you look deep into this life that we live in with a deeper purpose you will definitely notice how wonderful life is at an angle. You will suddenly start noticing that true happiness comes from different aspects, it can be derived from the past & the present and future happiness can be felt. Interactions and moments also make up the happiness of present situations.

Well I am all smiles when doing something that benefits someone else, whether it be a family member, a friend, work colleagues or even strangers. When I have showed them that they are valued & appreciated and if they are happy then I am happy too!

“Being useful in this life is a different mindset. One day I ran in the rain, hail sprinting over me & I thought to myself. What am I doing for this world, what is my purpose on this earth? The answer was absolutely nothing “

Find something that sets your heart on fire. Find something useful to do for someone. Volunteer to be a voice of the voiceless. Be the energy to the lazy ones. Be an inspiration.

Let me know how you feel afterwards, trust me the feeling is mutual!

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Surrounded: How Books Are Keeping Me Going in Quarantine

My name is Marina, and I’m addicted to books. They’re everywhere. I stack them anywhere there is an open space. My closet holds more books than clothes. Books serve as stands for mirrors, lamps, and jewelry stands. A bench I expected to refurbish years ago has become a makeshift bookcase, with books of all kinds […]

Surrounded: How Books Are Keeping Me Going in Quarantine
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